From The Owner of Snap E Bike

Welcome to fabulous Niagara Falls! Historically known as the Honeymoon Capital, this area is now a centre of world-class entertainment, wineries and nature trails.

The best way to get around is on a Snap E Bike.  Our friendly shop is located 2 blocks from the majestic Niagara River.


We have free parking and are part of the Niagara Falls transportation hub, but on a quiet street.


Our team is ready to fulfill your goal of having the best day ever. The freedom and fun factor are off the charts.

Please book in advance so we can be ready for you. Looking forward to hosting you.

Should you have any questions, call me directly at 905-651-1951.


Michael Lucid

Our Shop


Customer Testimonials

"Everyone needs to know about this place!"



"It was so easy to get in & out to the best places on the trail."

"That was the best birthday gift in my whole entire life!"

"It was an amazing ride!!  Anyone coming to Niagara Falls, I will tell them to come to Snap E Bike!"

"It was the best part of our trip to Niagara Falls!!!"

"That was the best day of our lives!"

"Your ebikes make the scooters in NOTL granny bikes"

"I am never going back to a peddle bike!"

"That was the best $65 I ever spent! Wow! What a ride!"


"Where can you find an experience for $65 that you can see and do that much?  I can tell you, there is no place except Snap E Bike."

Wow! I never knew how cool this area is! I can't wait to see it again on the Snap E Bikes"

"That was the best ride of my life, but what I liked most was your hospitality.  You don't get that in Toronto."

"That is the best thing I have ever done.  And I am not joking!"


"I have no words to describe this experience."

“I will never forget today!”

“The freedom and fun factor is off the charts!”


“When I come back to Niagara Falls, the first place I am going to is Snap E Bike!”

"I love your bikes. No, no, no, I love your bikes. I really do love Snap E Bike!"

"Snap E Bike was the best part of our vacation!"

"What you think a Snap E Bike can do and what it does are 2 different things.  You are not prepared for this experience.  It is amazing!"

"You should have made us wear shirts because everyone kept asking, where did you get those bikes!?"

"That was the best time ever!"

"Wow! Snap E Bike.  I like it!  That is Cool!"

"I can't believe I have been peddling all these years!"

"This is the future!"