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Rent Ebike Niagara Scooter FAQ

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Can I tow a child or pet? 
No. Single riders only. Ages 16+

Can I pay in cash?

Yes. All rentals require an online booking. Any remaining balance can be paid in cash.

What is an Ebike?

An ebike is classified as a bicycle. Ebikes have a small motor that assists the rider's pedal-power.

Do you rent regular pedal bikes?

Are there paved trails to ride?

Yes.  The spectacular Niagara River Recreational Trail is 56 km long and runs from Fort George to Fort Erie.

Do you offer ebike pickup & drop-off?

No.  You must come to our shop to be properly fitted for the ebike and helmet.

Are there charging stations along the route?


Can I take a spare battery with me?
No. We can deliver a battery to you for $25, plus an additional fee of $20 for each battery.

Can I cross into the USA?


Does pedaling recharge the battery?

Can I take a ebike charger to go?


How far can I go on a battery?

Your ebike will have a fully charged battery, when you start your ride.

Based on a weight of 170 lbs the distance is 30+ km with no pedaling (only thumb throttle), 60+ KM with light pedaling (pedal assist level 2 or 3) and 80+ KM with normal pedaling (pedal assist level 1).

Battery range depends on weight, riding conditions (wind, hills, bumps), distance and the number of times you stop and go.


Can someone under 16 years old ride the ebike?

No. The law states you must be 16 or older to ride an electric bike.

Can I ride an ebike, if I haven't ridden a bike in years?

Yes, but we recommend you train for your outing.  This is a place to learn to ebike, not bike.

Can I keep the ebike overnight?

No*.  The ebikes must be returned by 7:30 PM daily, or 30 minutes before sunset, whichever is earlier.

*Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. If you are a visitor and wish a multi-day rental, call our friendly shop at 905-651-1951

Do the bikes have a phone mount?

No. If you are an advanced rider, you are welcome to bring your own.

Does the bike have mirrors?

No. You must be able to do a (slight) head-check to ride our ebikes. If you wish to bring a mirror that is fine.

Do you have different sizes and styles of saddles?

Yes. We are confident that we can fit you with a good seat.

Can I ride in the rain?  

Yes. However, upon request, we issue a full refund due to inclement weather.

Still have a question?

We'd love to help. Ring our friendly shop at 905-651-1951

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