Real Testimonials From Snap E-Bike Riders

"I have no words to describe this experience."

“I will never forget today!”

“I was at the helicopter tour this morning and snap e-bike is way more fun!”

“When I come back to niagara falls, the first place I am going to is snap e-bike.”

"I love your bikes. No, no, no, I love your bikes. I really do!"

"Snap E Bike was the best part of our vacation!"

"What you think a snap ebike can do and what it does are 2 different things.  You are not prepared for this experience.  It is amazing!"

"You should have made us wear shirts because everyone kept asking, where did you get those bikes".

"That was the best time ever!"

"Wow! Snap E Bike.  I like it!  That is Cool!"

"I can't believe I have been peddling all these years!"

"This is the future!"

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