Ultimate Niagara Falls Experience


  • Niagara Falls E-Bike Adventure All-Day Rental - $ 66.37

    • Includes premium ebike, helmet, bike lock & rear storage bag

    • Includes one beverage & snack

    • Pickup anytime after 9 am and return by 8 pm

    • Free battery exchange

    • $ 75 - HST included

  • Niagara Falls E-Bike Adventure 3 Hour Rental - $ 44.25

    • Includes premium ebike, helmet, bike lock & rear storage bag

    • Includes one beverage & snack

    • Pickup anytime after 9 am and return 3 hours later

    • $ 50​ - HST Included

  • Niagara Falls E-Bike Adventure Tour - $ 106.20

    • This stunning 4 hour guided tour will take your breath away

    • Tours run twice daily, 10 am - 2 pm and 3 pm - 7 pm

    • Travel the world famous Niagara River 10 km down-river and 10 km up-river with all the right stops

    • Our professional, passionate, certified guides (Michael, Barb and Angelika) make memories that last a lifetime

    • We can take your photos & video so you can enjoy to the max

    • For full details visit our Airbnb Listing

    • $ 120 - HST Included

Food Menu

  • Beverages - Bottled Water, Bubly Sparkling Water, Coca-Cola, Coconut Water, Nutrition Shake (Costco), Red Bull

  • Snacks - Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Greek Yogurt, Ice Cream Bar (Costco), Jazz Apple, Nut Bar (Costco), Nut Mix (Costco),

Comfort Rentals


  • Merrell or Saucony All-Weather Jacket - $ 2

  • Silicon Seat Cover - $ 1

  • Battery exchange in our shop - Free for All-Day Renters

  • Balaclava Riding Mask -  Free

  • Riding Gloves - Free

Riding Specifications


  • Every rental & tour includes a premium wide-tire electric bike with a rear storage bag, stylish helmet (S, M, L sizes) and bike lock

  • Full training provided

  • Our electric bikes are single-rider, "adult-size" high-performance machines, perfect for riding the rugged Niagara terrain.

  • Both the seat and handle bars are adjustable up or down

  • There are three ways to power your ebike. Use a hybrid of all three ways, depending on your riding preference:

    • Thumb throttle

    • Electric peddle assist (similar to cruise control)

    • Peddling, which there are seven manual gears

  • No thumb throttle on the Niagara River Recreational Trail

  • The top speed is 32 km/h (20 mph)


  • Battery range is approx. 40 km without peddling*

  • 80+ km with light peddling*

  • Take a spare battery with you for $5 ($100 security deposit required)

  • * Depends on body mass and riding conditions

Riders Must

  • Be 16+ years old (By provincial law)

  • Wear a helmet and toe-covered shoes

  • Weigh under 275 lbs (125 kg) and be over 5 ft, 2 in (157 cm)

  • Provide a $300 security deposit or government issued passport or vehicle FOB

The Experience...

"I have no words to describe this experience."

“I will never forget today!”

“I was at the helicopter tour this morning and Snap E-bike is way more fun!  The freedom and fun factor is off the charts!”

“When I come back to Niagara Falls, the first place I am going to is Snap E-Bike!”

"I love your bikes. No, no, no, I love your bikes. I really do love Snap E-Bike!"

"Snap E-Bike was the best part of our vacation!"

"What you think a Snap E-Bike can do and what it does are 2 different things.  You are not prepared for this experience.  It is amazing!"

"You should have made us wear shirts because everyone kept asking, where did you get those bikes!?"

"That was the best time ever!"

"Wow! Snap E-Bike.  I like it!  That is Cool!"

"I can't believe I have been peddling all these years!"

"This is the future!"

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 Your Tour on Your Time ™ / Open Daily 9 am to 8 pm

905-651-1951 / team@snapebike.com / @snapebike

4239 Park St. Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 2P2