E-Biking in the Niagara Region


  • All-Day E-Bike Rental - $66

    • Includes premium ebike, helmet, bike lock & rear storage bag

    • Includes one beverage & snack

    • Sights & attractions map

    • Pickup anytime after 9:30 am and return by 8 pm

    • Book Now

  • 3 Hour E-Bike Rental - $50

    • Includes premium ebike, helmet, bike lock & rear storage bag

    • Includes one beverage & snack

    • Sights & attractions map

    • Pickup anytime after 9:30 am and return 3 hours later

    • Book Now​​​


What's Included


  • A premium, fully-charged, wide-tire electric bike with a 6-pocket rear storage bag & upgraded seat, stylish helmet (S, M, L sizes) and heavy-duty bike lock

  • Ten minutes of one-on-one training

  • Our ebikes are single-rider, adult-size, high performance machines, perfect for riding in the Niagara terrain

  • The seat & handle bars are adjustable up or down

  • There are three ways to power the ebike.  Use a combination of:

    • Regular peddling (7 gears)

    • Thumb throttle

    • Peddle assist (6 levels)

  • The top speed is 32 km/h (20 mph)

  • Select a water or coconut water & apple, nut bar or Häagen-Dazs bar 



  • You must be 16+

  • Use hand-signals and be prepared to use them

  • No sidewalks, as that is illegal in on a regular bike

  • Ride on trails, but we ask that you minimize the power capabilities when pedestrians are present

  • Between Clifton Hill and Murray Street the trail becomes a sidewalk.  Instead ride on the boulevard and park the bikes at Queen Victoria Park in front of the Niagara Parks Police Station.  Then use the crosswalk to access the best views of the Falls.

  • You must be able to operate a regular bicycle

  • You must be sober


Our 48 V Li-ion battery with Panasonic cells performs amazing.  

Battery range depends on weight, wind, terrain and riding style.  Based on a weight of 170 lbs, the range is 40+ km with no peddling, 60+ km with light peddling and 80+ km with normal peddling.

Riding to Niagara-on-the-Lake is 50 km round trip.

What to Bring

  • Layers of clothes including a jacket

  • A rain jacket if you are going to the Horseshoe Falls

  • Sunglasses

  • Closed-toe shoes

  • Gloves if below 17°C

Comfort Rentals


  • Extra Battery - $10 for in-shop exchange

  • Add $1 per KM for batteries delivered to your location

  • Premium Rain Jacket - $5 (Recommended to get close to the Falls)

  • Foam Seat Cover - $5

The "Experience" In Quotes

"I have no words to describe this experience."

“I will never forget today!”

“I was at the helicopter tour this morning and Snap E-bike is way more fun!  The freedom and fun factor is off the charts!”

“When I come back to Niagara Falls, the first place I am going to is Snap E-Bike!”

"I love your bikes. No, no, no, I love your bikes. I really do love Snap E-Bike!"

"Snap E-Bike was the best part of our vacation!"

"What you think a Snap E-Bike can do and what it does are 2 different things.  You are not prepared for this experience.  It is amazing!"

"You should have made us wear shirts because everyone kept asking, where did you get those bikes!?"

"That was the best time ever!"

"Wow! Snap E-Bike.  I like it!  That is Cool!"

"I can't believe I have been peddling all these years!"

"This is the future!"

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