Riding Our Electric Bikes


Our Fleet of Premium Electric Bikes are Powered by a 500W Motor, 48 Volt, 14 Ah Fully Charged Battery and Have a Top Speed of 32 km/h.


There are two ways to power the ebike:


  • 1) Thumb Throttle (No Pedaling Required)

  • 2) Pedal Assist (Six levels. Similar to a cruise control. You maintain a minimum speed while pedaling)

Battery Range

  • Battery range depends on weight, terrain, wind and riding style

  • Based on a weight of 170 lbs, (under ideal conditions) the range is 35 km with no pedaling, 65 km with light pedaling and 85 km with normal pedaling

  • Riding to Niagara-on-the-Lake is a 50 km round trip. Riding to Fort Erie is 70 km round trip

  • You have the option to exchange your battery in-our-shop for $25 or delivered-to-you for $50

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