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Owning A Premium Electric Bike

Are you curious about purchasing an ebike?

Purchasing a new or used ebike is a big decision.  Snap E Bike welcomes the opportunity to educate you about the important specs & considerations.  


  • Rent an Ebike and select the ebike consultation

  • Try before you buy makes sense

  • Learn from your local 5-star ebike pro


Specifications Of Our Ebikes

Cycling on an ebike is a wonderful form of exercise and connects you to nature & your neighbourhood. Our ebikes are manufactured to top standards and have a long product life.

Ebike Advantages

  • Go further effortlessly

  • Pedal as much or as little based on your preference

  • Balance requirement is the same as on a regular bicycle

How to Ride

There are two ways to ride and you will likely use a combination of both.

  • "Pedal Assist" is like a cruise control. You maintain a minimum speed while pedaling. There are 6 levels which keeps you at speeds from 6km to 30km

  • "Thumb Throttle" is great for takeoffs and climbing hills. The functionality is similar to a gas pedal. Instead, lightly press your  thumb down 2 inches and the 500 Watt motor will get you up to 32 km/h in seconds

Robust Performance


  • 500W rear-wheel motor*

  • Top speed of 32 km/h*

  • *This is the max allowable by Canadian law, without requiring insurance



Ebikes are equipped with a fully-charged 48 Volt, 14 Ah LG Battery.


Distance can vary depending on:


  • Weight

  • Terrain

  • Wind & Weather

  • Riding Style

Example - Based on a weight of 170 lbs, (under ideal conditions) the range is 35 km with no pedaling, 70 km with light pedaling

Riding Posture


  • We will modify the handlebars & seat for your proper posture and superior comfort

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